Empowering Ma’asina Environmental Stewardship 

In a recent gathering at Takataka Eco-Village on March 21st, 2024, marking a pivotal moment in MMGB members commitment to environmental conservation, Richie Ofani (MMGB project officer) and Andrew Taraha (Kira Coordinator) held a consultation meeting with community members around Takataka Bay and Ro’apou River, East Are’Are, Malaita Province. 

The discussions primarily emphasizing the support provided by MMGB to support some members in coordination of their conservation efforts. This assistance will span over ten (10) months, aimed at fortifying their governance structures and bolstering efforts towards establishing a Protected Area Status under the Solomon Islands Protected Areas Act (2010). 

The coordinators were tasked with multifaced responsibilities according to their own comprehensive workplans devised from collaborating with their conservation committees, to providing monthly reports. Such meticulous planning will enhance their coordination and administrative capacity. 

Amidst discussions, Chairman of Hi’i Tribal Conservation Association, queried about the necessity of producing source documents which resonated with the overarching theme of accountability. Expressions of gratitude also permeated the atmosphere as various representatives acknowledged the timely assistance provided by MMGB. This underscored the collaborative spirit driving MMGBs endeavors wherein Tribal groups in the Ma’asina region (Kwaio, Are’Are and Small Malaita) converged for a common cause of conserving, preserving, and protecting their Natural Resources. 

Participants that attend the consultation meeting. Picture: Richie Ofani

As discussions ended, Andrew Taraha (Kira Coordinator) reiterated the collective commitment towards conservation, encapsulating the essence of Hikuha (unity) and determination that defined MMGBs journey and the Ma’asina Spirit.  

In attendance were esteemed representatives from Horo’ia Tribal Conservation, Ora Tribe, Aru’Aru and Tara’usu tribe, Wa’ariai tribe and Rihuania Tribe, along with other community leaders. 

The consultation meeting at Takataka Eco-village was not just a moment in time, it was also another step towards unwavering resolve of Ma’asina indigenous tribes to safeguard their ecological heritage. Through collaboration, transparency, and relentless dedication, embarking on a Journey towards Protected Areas & green sustainability, setting an example for environmental Stewardship for others in Malaita and the rest of Solomon Islands.  

For more information about Mai-Maasina Green Belt and its initiatives, visit https://mai-maasina.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/maimaasina

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