Reviving Are’are Indigenous Knowledge through Takataka Nima Education.  

The Takataka Nima Education started last year with the help of Malai Tolo Education Initiative. This year Mai-Maasina Green Belt has stepped in to assist the school with the aim of maintaining the cultural knowledge and skills by helping Takataka Nima Education. Six (6) modules that will be taught throughout this year includes;

  • Module 1 – Nima Education
  • Module 2 – Are’are Education
  • Module 3 – Are’are Leadership
  • Module 4 – Are’are Land Tenure
  • Module 5 – Are’are Arts and Crafts
  • Module 6 – Are’are Music

The Nima Education had started its orientation on the 30th of May and started its classes from 31st to 5th of June. There 20 form 4 students from Masupa Community High School got enrolled and begin classes. There were many parents who wanted to enroll their children, but the spaces were limited.  

 The class begin with Module 1 which is “Nima Education”.  The teaching materials were designed for at least 2 weeks. Module 1 has 3 topics, and they are; 

  • Topic 1 – Ha’ananauha
  • Topic 2 – Ha’apasuha
  • Topic 3 – Ha’asuriha

These three main teachings are the foundation of education for people in Are’are. Education started at home in the Nima Paina by giving advice, instructions, and teachings on cultural values, norms, genealogy, leadership, arts and crafts, land, music, gardening, making house, and the obligations as a parent.   

The students started by learning the importance of Nima Paina in Are’are society. As they examine the topics, they comprehend the importance of the Nima Paina and figured the downfall of our cultural values, norms, and practices in our Are’are society. They learned about the roles of a father and mother in the Nima Paina. The topic itself has taught the students to reflect on the past and present. They came to understand that nowadays there is an absence of advice, instructions and teaching being practiced or implied in many homes in Are’are. The issue is evident with the interest drawn into building modern houses that have separate rooms, kitchen or other conveniency.  

The Nima Education School Principal is Michael Houaisuta, who has wider experience in Namo Araha, is well versed with Are’are culture and tradition at the same time. Michael is a teacher by profession; therefore, is highly creative on how to conduct his lessons for the students to grasp. There were also guest lecturers who were invited to supervise topics which they specialize in. Papa Rerekeni is a guest lecturer at Takataka Nima Education. He was assigned to cover the history of Nima in Are’are and how to build Nima Paina. A highlight of his lessons involves leading the students into the Takataka Nima Paina and teaching them the parts of the Nima Paina. The following day, students were tasked to collect materials as part of their first practical activity of making Nima in Are’are. The students were divided into four groups to collect the building materials out in the field. The main purpose of this practical activity is to teach the students how to build house (Nima) and the distinct types of tying (Takiha) that were made on Nima in Are’are. The students started by collecting the right materials and later cleared the building area and constructed the house (Nima). The class for Module 1 ends after constructing the house (Nima). 

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